You decide who, when, and where interacts with your contracts

Deploy smart contracts that respond to your community's location and update over time.

How it works

Over 50 Languages - Codely X Webflow Template

Location SDK

Seamless integration for web and mobile. The location data is encrypted on the end-user device.

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Smart Contracts

Private Beta in Ethereum, Polygon, and Sui. Coming soon to other chains.

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Machine Learning

Secure location proofing powered by proprietary Machine Learning.

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Web templates ready for production, including support for AR.

What our customers and their end-users say about Mentaport

We thrive when launching projects that engage communities in the physical world!

“Through Mentaport, we launched an IRL treasure hunt for XCOPY Decals during Art Basel, and we couldn't have done it without them.
Their team executed flawlessly: visiting onsite during the treasure hunt, vetting all winners, and promoting high Deca community engagement during the launch.
I can see Mentaport becoming an important piece of infra in NFTs.
Deca will ofc launch other projects with Mentaport in the future!“

Founder & CEO of

“With Mentaport we launched our first location-based NFT during Devcon in Bogota, and it was a wonderful experience!
We worked on a tight schedule and they delivered quickly and flawlessly.  Great tech support and customer service, everything worked, and we felt like we were accompanied thru the whole process.  Our clients really enjoyed the ‘new’ and ‘cool ‘ type of NFT. The ‘Location-based NFT ’ aspect (which could only be minted if you were in the venue), made a real difference! Bravo!
We are very eager to see what this company will become and how we can keep working in the future.“

Fabio M.
Founder and Director of Bodega17
Superflamedude.eth user

We are backed by world-class investors

Our founders are fellows of leading communities:

Deploy contracts relevant to your audience, today

Mentaport is your geolocation platform in web3. Easily set up contract rules linked to physical locations, and enable dynamic controls of event triggers over time.