Dynamically customize each Smart Contract interaction to end-user preferences.

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Customization through Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Developers can Customize their end-users’ experiences using Mentaport's SDK. Developers can dynamically Customize Smart Contract interactions based on end-users' historical preferences. Through Customization, developers can:

  • Fine-Tune Smart Contract Interactions: Customize user experiences by tailoring Smart Contract interactions to align with users' past preferences.
  • Utilize Verified Interaction History: Access authenticated historical user data to precisely craft experiences.

Customization allows developers to elevate their projects by integrating historical interaction data, resulting in personalized user experiences.

Real-world Applications

Customization for Makeup

Imagine makeup giant Sephora is launching a customized user experience with a makeup guru. Through Mentaport’s SDK, Sephora canadapt tickets, offerings, and details based on each user's historical preferences. For example, Customization surrounding a user’s preferred eyeshadow colors and skin undertones. Even if the user travels to a different city for their Sephora experience, Sephora will continue to cater to their self-care preferences and location-based interests.

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