Mentaport provides Smart Contract search results based on the location where the execution of Smart Contracts is available.

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Search Suggestions from Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Consider allowing end-users to search for location-bound NFTs, enabled by Mentaport's SDK. Mentaport’s Search capabilities allow developers to integrate Customer Segment location-based insights into search functionalities. However, the end-user’s location details remain securely encrypted on their device. With Mentaport's Smart Contract and NFT Search, developers can:

  • Targeted Search Results: Connect end-users with nearby, relevant results without jeopardizing their privacy.
  • Elevate end-user Engagement: Amplify end-user interactions by providing location-specific insights.

Mentaport's SDK integrates with developers' applications, allowing end-users to search for nearby happenings without disclosing their location. 

Real-world Applications

Search Enhanced Art Experience 

For example, consider an art enthusiast group navigating Philadelphia’s murals. Eager to remember this unique tour, the tour group’s company utilizes Mentaport SDK’s for Searching. With Mentaport's location-enabled Search, users can look for nearby related projects. The tour group could discover local mints tied to Philadelphia's artistic heritage.

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Quick Intro to Mentaport SDK.

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