Provide upgrades and rewards when users visit locations or attend events.

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Rewards for Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Refresh your user segment’s engagement with Mentaport SDK’s by adding Rewards. Utilize the SDK to strengthen customer loyalty with exclusive perks based on geolocation. The end-user’s precise location details remain encrypted on their device. Mentaport allows developers to verify proximity to your venues for particular rewards or ticketing. 

  • Reward Based NFTs: Upgrade the end-user experience when users visit predefined locations. This turns NFTs into tokens of experience.

Mentaport SDK’s Rewards allows developers to re-engage audience segments while ensuring end-users’ privacy on-chain. Increase Rewards’ standards with Mentaport.

Real-world Applications

Rewards in the Sports Arena

Imagine the following scenario: a home game for a popular baseball team. Now, consider powering this game’s Rewards with Mentaport's SDK. There could be tickets reserved for genuine fans who repeatedly attend games in person. As fans engage with the game in the stadium, they can unlock an array of swag and privileges through Mentaport SDK’s enabled Rewards. Plus, certain spots within the arena, like the hall of fame, could unlock double upgrades or bonus ticket perks.

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