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Recommendations Enabled by Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Reconsider end-user Recommendations enabled by Mentaport SDK. Developers can integrate the SDK for Recommendations based on location, yielding targeted end-user experiences. With Mentaport's Recommendations, developers can:

  • Guide Discovery: Fine-tune NFT Recommendations and connect end-users with nearby and relevant options.
  • Elevate end-user Engagement: Elevate end-user interactions by delivering location-specific insights and prioritized suggestions while still protecting privacy 

The SDK allows real-time Recommendations that are genuinely relevant for to end-users—instead of throwaway information. Mentaport protects end-user privacy and doesn’t expose end-users’ location on-chain.

Real-world Applications

Recommendations at Coachella

For example, Developers could use Mentaport to enhance Coachella with location-based NFT Recommendations. Festival goers could access Recommendations, for NFTs that align with their festival activities. Attendees receive personalized suggestions for NFT mints from their favorite DJs or brands, offering perks like mini-concerts and branded collectibles.

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Quick Intro to Mentaport SDK.

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