Real-time Insights

Real-time Insights

Assess end-user NFT interactions for insights and quantified effectiveness of campaigns and marketing strategies.

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Real-time Insights for Smart Contracts with Mentaport

Allow developers to analyze and deduce effectiveness of their user-NFT interactions through Mentaport's SDK. Developers can integrate Real-time Insights that provide historical data based on end-users' locations and interactions. Based on these insights, developers can strategically target were their audience is most likely to be. With Mentaport's Real-time Insights, developers can:

  • Gain Historical Insights: Utilize filtering parameters related to end-user approximate locations and time to find historical user-NFT interactions. For instance, discover where NFTs were minted during specific time frames.
  • Elevate Decision-Making: Leverage geographic attribution to  target user-NFT interactions, fostering strategic decision-making based on Real-time Insights.

Mentaport's Real-time Insights allows developers to reinvigorate their analytics strategy, while still respecting their end-users’ right to privacy.

Real-world Applications

Real-time Insights for Future NFT Projects

Consider a company creating NFT projects, aiming to understand and target their ideal Customer Segment after integrating Mentaport’s SDK, the company gains historical user-NFT data . The end-user’s data remains encrypted and secure on their device. The company can target their ideal Customer Segment based on historical preferences. With this valuable information in their arsenal, the company can strategically tailor their NFT project offerings and marketing efforts.

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