On-site Marketing

On-site Marketing

Revitalize in-person engagement with location based on-chain experiences.

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Revitalize your On-site Marketing with Mentaport

Reinvigorate On-site engagement with the help of Mentaport's SDK. Brands and developers alike can integrate the SDK for creating on-site marketing endeavors. This unlocks a world of possibilities for engaging customers at physical retail locations while still respecting their privacy. With Mentaport's On-site Marketing, developers and brands can:

  • Create Alluring Retail Experiences: Provide exclusive NFT rewards and marketing experiences that entice customers to visit physical stores.
  • Enhance End-User Engagement: Leverage geographic attributes to  target users with tailored NFT incentives, boosting engagement and foot traffic.

On-site Marketing with Mentaport empowers brands and developers to redefine their marketing landscape, leveraging NFTs to captivate customers and elevate their in-store experience.

Real-world Applications

On-site Marketing in Retail

Imagine a forward-thinking fashion company known for its online presence (e.g. Princess Polly). Seeking to elevate its brand reputation, the company decides to launch a pop-up store that creates an immersive experience for visitors. Enter On-site Marketing powered by Mentaport. The brand offers NFT rewards to customers who step into the physical store. These NFTs could even be Digital Twins, allowing customers to interact with their favorite pieces beyond the store. Mentaport's On-site Marketing transforms the pop-up store into a hub of engagement.

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