Distribute rewards over predefined routes or make every step count in applications.

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Move-to-Earn for Gamified Interactions with Mentaport

Think about building Move-to-Earn applications through Mentaport's SDK. Developers can allow NFT distribution over predefined routes or make in-game steps valuable. With Mentaport's Move-to-Earn, developers can:

  • Facilitate Active Engagement: Encourage end-users movement and check-ins by distributing NFTs over predefined routes or in-game steps.

Move-to-Earn allows developers to transform physical activities and interactions into tangible rewards, making every step count.

Real-world Applications

Move-to-Earn for Fitness App

Imagine a fitness app that aims to motivate end-users to exercise more. By integrating with Mentaport, the app rewards users with NFTs for completing predefined routes or reaching step milestones while still protecting end-user location data. For instance, users who jog a local park or hit a certain number of miles traveled could receive achievement based NFTs. As end-users up their fitness routine, their actions are translated into tangible digital assets, providing a fun incentive for staying active.

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