Unlocked applications

Our infrastructure supports applications in 5 categories:
Distribution, Discovery, Verification, Personalization, and Gamification.

All of these take effect at the smart contract level.
And you can use as many complex rules as your project needs.
Decide who, when, and where gets to interact with your smart contract.
Provide location-based information and rank recommendations for user-smart contract interactions.
Embed location-based details into every smart contract, digital asset, and user engagement.
Customize user experiences based on their location and interaction time.
Create engaging challenges to boost user interaction with your brand or product.
We achieve all these in a secure, accurate, and private way.

SECURE, by encrypting all your project rules in the contract.
ACCURATE, since our ML models verify that the location of the interactions is legitimate.
PRIVATE because we don't expose users' location on-chain; instead, we use encrypted location information that remains on the end user's device.