April 3, 2023

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Stamps mint is now live

Stamps Mint is now live

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TLDR: Mint a free Stamp at https://stamps.mentaport.xyz.

We are excited to present you “Stamps”, a digital asset collection with generative AI reflecting your own city on postal stamps that you can collect around the world. 

Here is an example of what Stamps look like. Yup, we are still in Santa Monica!

A digital asset featuring the city we are at: Santa Monica

Why Stamps?

There is something truly unique about each of us, and that is our spatial context. We want to imprint digital assets with what is relevant to people. Our culture, our cities, our communities.

What are Stamps for? 

First, show off the places you are at! 

Second, we want to meet you. Developers, creators, and NFT collectors are all welcome. If you mint a Stamp in the Los Angeles area, you gain entry into a private event with the Mentaport team. We will also do in-person events during crypto conferences and for cities where we see rising minting activity. 

Third, Stamps showcase a simple example of what location-aware digital assets can do.

How to Mint one Stamp

To mint a Stamp, visit https://stamps.mentaport.xyz and connect your wallet. If you want to mint a Stamp featuring your city, you will need to allow location access, but you can mint a Stamp either way.

This is a free mint with no royalties, and you only need to pay for Polygon gas (less than $0.05 at the present time).

Please remember that all Stamps-related communications will come from our Twitter @MentaportInc or an e-mail address @mentaport.com. You can contact us anytime at stamps@mentaport.com.

What’s special about Stamps?

This is an example of how location-aware digital assets work. Each Stamp is tailored to the user's spatial context at the time of interaction with the smart contract in a secure manner. Mentaport validates the user's location using our SDK. After that, we need a way to verify that on-chain. So, our rule engine verifies that the location matches the expected location for the contract to execute securely.

Stamps use your physical location to personalize your digital asset, but it doesn't verify the location for each mint event. In this fun example, we are loosening up the security filters of the contract rules to allow anyone from anywhere in the world to mint. That said, if you want to build location-verified digital assets with Mentaport, we’ve built proprietary ML models to verify and validate end-user locations for higher security applications. 

Another fun fact about Stamps, taking advantage of advances in generative AI, we are using OpenAI’s DALL-E to dynamically generate the special art for each Stamp.

Data we collect to make your Stamp

We collect the name of the city you are currently at only after you click “‘Get your Stamp’”, and your wallet address only after you click “Connect your wallet”. We use the name of your city to generate an NFT featuring it on the Stamp art. Once you click “Mint” and confirm the transaction, the NFT will be in your wallet. If you share your Stamp on Twitter using the “Share on Twitter” button, your Twitter post will most likely show on our page carousel. And we will probably like your tweet as well :) 

If you choose not to share your location, you can still mint a Stamp. Once you connect your wallet you will mint an NFT featuring the one place we know you are at: Planet Earth. And remember that you can burn NFTs in the event you decide not to have them in your wallet any longer.

What is Mentaport

Mentaport is a platform to create location-aware digital assets. We empower developers to set up smart contract rules linked to physical locations, and enable dynamic controls of event triggers over time. 

For Stamps, we are using our own infrastructure to personalize each NFT. But you can also use Mentaport to control distribution, facilitate discovery, and gamify end-user<>NFT interactions. You can read more here and sign up for Private Beta here.

Looking forward to seeing your stamps!



Mentaport Inc | Co-Founder & CEO

We are in Private Beta
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We are in Private Beta
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