April 25, 2023

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Mentaport SDK is in Private Beta

Mentaport SDK is in Private Beta

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We are thrilled to announce that after months of hard work and dedication, our geolocation web3 platform SDK is now live in Private Beta! With this new platform, any project can effortlessly build location-aware web3 applications through a simple and user-friendly integration process.

We're excited to offer this powerful tool to developers and creators looking to leverage location data in their web3 applications. Our platform provides a seamless and reliable solution, giving users greater flexibility and control over their location-based

What is a location-aware smart contract?

A location-aware contract is a unique type of contract that can dynamically respond to the user's location-based interactions. This means that the contract can annotate and adapt its behavior based on your users physical location over time

By incorporating dynamic location awareness into a smart contract, creators and developers can easily unlock a new level of functionality and user engagement that was previously challenging to attain. Imagine a contract that can adjust its content based on where the user is located or even trigger specific actions based on the user's proximity to a specific location. The possibilities are endless!

Our location-aware smart contracts are based on three main pillars:

  • Where: Physical locations in which your users can interact with your contract/NFTs.
  • When: The moments in time your  users can interact with your contract/NFTs.
  • Who: The audience you want to reach! You can predefine via an allowlist or open it to the public.

We have two types of blockchain contracts currently in BETA:

  • Mint: Add location awareness when NFTs are minted.
  • Dynamic: Allow for updates of each  NFT tied to locations.

You can read more about Mentaport and our first proof-of-concept, Stamps in our previous posts.

How to create a location-aware smart contract?

Developing location-aware smart contracts requires careful consideration of the rules that govern their behavior. At Mentaport, we've established three key pillars that guide the creation of these rules:

Location Rule (where)

The geographical location where your users have to be physically present at the moment of interaction with your contract. This includes geofencing and proximity.

  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Point based on latitude, longitude, and radius
  • Polygon of latitudes, longitude points
Time Rule (when)

The moment in time, or time windows when your users have access to execute functions in your contract.

  • Anytime
  • Start time
  • Time window
Access Rule (who)
  • Private: Only you have access
  • Public: Everyone has access
  • Allowlist:  The set of wallets that have access

With Mentaport you can set any combination of complex rules with these three pillars with minimal technical overhead, allowing developers to create powerful engaging user experiences.


Mentaport is live in Polygon, with a contract comparable in any EVM chain and coming to Sui.

Data Privacy

At Mentaport, one of our core values is respect for data privacy. That's why we require that each of your users grant consent to our SDK to verify their location. Our location verification takes place on the client side to ensure utmost privacy. Importantly, this process only runs when the user is attempting to interact with a contract.


We are thrilled to share our documentation with you. This resource will provide you with all the information you need to understand Mentaport's powerful infrastructure and seamlessly integrate our web SDK.

Our documentation is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for those who may be new to the world of location-aware web3 applications. You will be up and running in no time with easy-to-follow instructions and helpful examples.


The first tutorial is out! It will walk you through all the steps needed to get started with our  SDK’s. We will release tutorials to help developers and creators jump-start their creative process and integration with Mentaport. 

The following tutorials will focus more on product features. For example, how to create a location-aware scavenger hunt or a Pokemon-Go-like mint experience for your users. 

Stay tuned, and remember to sign up to private beta to get access to all of this and more!



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We are in Private Beta
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We are in Private Beta
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We are in Private Beta
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We are in Private Beta
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We are in Private Beta
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We are in Private Beta
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